Let’s 💬 about 🎵


Connect Apple Music or Spotify Premium and easily build epic playlists with others.


Share your music and why it matters all in the same app.

Picture of iPhone with messaging app where people are sharing songs with each other.


You’re on Spotify but your bestie is on Apple? No biggie. Just send. No more sending YouTube links with annoying ads. No more 🤹 multiple apps.

Picture of iPhone showing the home screen of a messaging app listing groups of messages.

Public 🔓 or Private 🔐

Create private groups for a select few, or find your fandom in public groups.

Picture of iPhone showing a song with big buttons to like or dislike it.

Discover music ⬅️ ➡️

Find new music the way you might find a new partner. Let Earbuds do the matching.

Picture of iPhone showing a music playlist alongside a chat thread.

Collaborate 👯

Earbuds automatically creates a playlist from the songs in every chat.